My first attempt at a Memory Album.

Memory book – 14

Originally uploaded by bonitocrafts.

This is just one of the pictures taken of my first attempt at making a memory album. It was made for, and given to friends as a 1st birthday card for their little boy.

I had been brewing the ideas for this pretty much since Christmas in my head, so when I actually came to make it at the beginning of April it all went together rather smoothly.

I made it in sections that overlap with each other at the spine edge, where they are stuck together and extra secured with eyelets that take the ribbons for the hinge. The style reflects the family’s own online album, where the pictures came from, with extra page theme embellishments from my stash of bits. The ribbon ties that wrap the book are hidden within the front and back cover with a slit cut at the front. Using these ribbins you can either tie the book closed or turn the whole thing back on itself and tie it so it sits open in a star shape as in this picture. There are loads more pictures in my flickr page just click one of the photos on the right hand side to see them.


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