Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Originally uploaded by bonitocrafts

Am busy uploading loads of card pics to my Flickr site and came across this one that I made last year for my lovely sister’s 40th birthday. I was so pleased with the card at the time and I have to say my happiness at how well it came out hasn’t faded over time. I felt it desrved a post of it’s own.

Big sis is a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and has made it a family tradition to ring and sing Moon River instead of Happy Birthday. We had a girly meal out for her birthday and all twelve of us sang Moon River to her in the restaurant.

This card was ages in the planning and I was so pleased with the finished results. The singing tradition she has created was the reason for having the moon river words on the card and I deliberately didn’t put Happy Birthday or 40 on the card so that she could keep it on display for longer if she wanted to.

She was thrilled with the card which certainly made the work that went into it all the more worthwhile.

Well, back to my flickr updating. Have a look, there are lots of new pics on there now.


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