Waterlily Mat

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What can I say really. I was exceptionally pleased with this piece of lace that I worked over the course of about a year. It has been a real labour of love and a lot of hard work. The design was inspired by the scroll like patterns on a Norwich shawl that I found on a postcard when there for a training course for work about 2 years ago. The design came together over the course of the next 6 months or so before the year or so of working the actual lace. I calculated that it took approx 140 working hours to complete the lace and mount it on the fabric and probably another 20 hours in working samples.

Fellow lace makers and friends persuaded me to enter this piece into the 2010 Lace Guild competition and eventually I gave in and sent of my work.

After being out all morning today I came home to find a letter on the mat from the Lace Guild informing me that the judging for the competition has now taken place and that my piece of lace has been award a Medal of Excellence.

I am so very thrilled and now seems the right time to share this on my blog.

Click the picture to go to a further image of this piece in more detail.


Golden Wedding Cake

Golden Wedding Cake

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Last week was my Mother and Father in law’s Golden Wedding Anniversary and today they are have a little gathering to celebrate. My contribution is to provide this cake. It’s a 10″ cake which is the largest I have ever made and is iced with regal ice roll out fondant icing with royal icing piping. I bought the plaque ready made and the roses are actually made of foam, and look really effective.

The ribbon covers a multitude of sins around the sides of the cake and next time i would roll the icing out a little thicker.

All in all though I am pretty happy with how it has turned out although I am not sure I would want the pressure of doing it regularly for a living.

New Home Owls

New Home Owls

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I have a friend at work and I have come to the conclusion that all his friends are moving house. Particularly judging by the amount of cards he has asked me to make recently.

This is the latest. The birdhouse is a free digital download created by the lovely and talented Sylvie at it is printed onto ‘craftworkcards’ digital cardstock that I purchased from QVC and is coloured and shaded with ‘Promarker’ pens – one of my current favourite crafting toys at the moment.

I hope you like my card, especially you Sylvie and thank you again for your lovely design.

Surfer Dude

Surfer Dude

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This was a bit of a last minute card but I am still pretty happy with it. I would have preferred to do it as an easel card as I think the ‘beach’ would have worked really well that way. However time was against me as I only had 20 minutes or so to get this card made.

The main character is a Jolly Nation surfer boy and the backing papers and cards are all from a ‘Die Cuts with a View’ kit that I have had for a year or two now that I had for a present from a very good friend.

Had I more time and made an easel card the flat based would have been done with the sandy paper with a beach towel that was with the character decoupage.