24 stripes and counting

24 stripes and counting

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It’s just under 2 weeks since I started work on my ripple blanket and it’s really coming on a pace. I am constantly spurred on with the feeling of ‘I’ll just get the next colour started’ and am rattling off the stripes like nobody’s business.

I ball of yarn is completing a bit over two and a half stripes so I am hoping to have enough yarn left over for a stripey bag too.

With luck I should get a bit more time to work on my stripes as I have just finished work for the school summer holidays and am now off for a good month and a half. I know that I won’t want to go back in September but for now I am just looking forward to having a restful time over the summer break.

I do need to get our bedroom decorated at some point in that time though so it’s not all lazing about for me.


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  1. Lynn
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 23:24:58

    This looks like good fun Claire.

    Just to let you know you have a blog award, pop over to
    to pick it up.
    Lynn x


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