40 Stripes! – Folk Festival crafting part 2

40 Stripes!

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Now this is fast work for me. I can’t quite believe how quickly this is growing. I think perhaps the faeries are coming in to help me in the night.

It’s 3 weeks and 3 days since I started working on this and I have hit 40 stripes already. I think this will be the halfway point as I am currently planning to make my blankie 80 stripes long.

I got quite a bit done over the weekend at the Cambridge Folk Festival there’s nothing more enjoyable for me than a nice spot not too far from the speakers from the main stage and something to do with my hands between acts. Yes I know, that makes me sound ancient and it’s not very rock and roll, but I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, I can’t hang around here all evening, I’ve got a blanket to work on. Watch this space for the next update soon.


Folk Festival crafting part one.

Wrist warmers

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I was thrilled with these wrist warmers that I made at the weekend while relaxing at the camp site at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

They were made in just a few hours and put in to use by the recipient almost immediately. The yarn is a Merino, Angora mix that I found in the sale at the Battle wool shop whilst on a previous camping trip a couple of weeks ago. The design for them came from the attic24 blog which I have been a regular visitor since discovering it just a few weeks back. I particularly like the bobbly edging. Lucy over at attic24 gives the instructions for these on her blog.

Click the image to link to my flickr pages where you can see more images of the warmers in action (so to speak). Such a quick and enjoyable project to make, I know I shall be producing more of these very soon.