It started fast then dramatically slowed after the halfway point. It went from all encompassing obsession at the start of the project to a perfect piece to pick up and work at any spare moment. It was the perfect camping project too as I didn’t need to look at or work from a pattern once I had got going.

It has travelled with me on visits to family and friends as well as to craft club on occasion, and has drawn admiring and covetous glances in many places. My lovely cousin even compared my ripples to Missoni (google Missoni Home and you’ll see what I mean) how lovely is she?

In fact dear cousin Nan loves it so much I have promised that should anything happen to me (she mentioned just yesterday that should I ‘ahem’ fall down the stairs) the blanket will come to her. I think I might have to watch my back.

Well, enough of me rattling on. I expect you will want to see some pictures of my blanket. OK then. Here we are.

Full 80 stripes

Ripply goodness

Trying to think of ways to show the size of my blanket, I enlisted the help of my lovely boy. As you can see. He’s not as tiny and cute as he once was, but he’s a lovely lad, even if I do say so myself. Yes. His feet really are as huge as they look 😉


Cosy and snug

What do you mean you can still see me?

All Done

Ok. So what’s next? Well another project to pick up at the odd spare moment has begun. I am just starting my next teaching course so will have a lot of studying to do, but I need the have something crafty to stop me losing it completely. The lovely Lucy at Attic24 has a gorgeous bag pattern that I found when looking for the ripple instructions for my blanket. Look here for Lucy’s Bag .I have made a start and have completed half the bag base so far.

Bag Bottom

Well. I think that’s probably enough showing off for now. I hope you like my colourful crochet. It certainly makes me feel jolly when I look at all the lovely bright colours.

Onwards now as Tim has taken William off to London for the day for an explore so that I can do some coursework, so I suppose I had better do some.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue sharpe
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 15:33:45

    Well Claire, it’s about time you finished this blanket, it’s taken sooooooo long, No only joking hahaha,

    I can say Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow what a fantastic piece of work, this really is a work of art, you put so much into creating this beautiful blanket, now can snuggle up and keep warm on all those camping trips, that’s if William doesn’t pinch it for himself hahaha, but please be really careful of those stairs, or should i say who is behind you on those stairs, errrrrrrrr maybe you should avoid stairs altogether, we want to see the lovely bag you are creatingcompleted, and find out what the next project will be, Well done Claire,

    Hugs Sue


  2. Maxine D
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 21:24:35

    Well done on an awesome result – bet those ends were a trial though – that ‘s the only downside of the stripy project!


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