More stripy fun

I think what I love most about crafting is that from starting off with a pile of basic craft supplies and a bit of time and skill you can create something to be proud of. This for me is even more the case with crafts involving thread or yarn. To start with balls of yarn or reels of thread and a little equipment, such as a humble crochet hook to produce a functional and attractive item is just fantastic.

This summer I had a bit of a yarn splurge, dipping into my savings to spend over £80 on cotton double knit yarn to make a ripple striped blanket in 10 yummy colours. This bought me 40 balls of yarn that I proceeded to turn 30 of into my ripply blanket that you can see in an older post here.

At the end of my blanket I had 10 balls of yarn left so proceeded to make this bag. It is from a pattern posted by the very talented Lucy at attic24

Stripy Lucy bag

I started my bag a while ago and posted the start of it on this blog but then it got sidelined by other things as they do. This weekend however I have made a concerted effort to get it finished.

I was pleased with my bag when finished but felt that it needed a lining to ensure that I could use it without stretching it instantly out of shape. I had a rummage in my fabric stash and found some lovely bright fabric for the lining and some fleece fabric that would make a perfect interlining for the bag. Using a mixing bowl from the kitchen to cut a template for the base of the bag I made the lining using the fabric and fleece together before stitching into my bag. I also added an extra row of stitching after attaching the lining to be certain the fleece wouldn’t bunch up between the lining and the bag.

I now have a lovely bag which, apart from not having woven the fabrics myself every stitch with hook and needle was completed by me. I am so very pleased with it and here are some more pictures I have taken to show off my latest creation.

Flower Close up

Bag Lining

Bag Lining Detail

Scrummy colours

And after all this I still have quite a bit of the yarn left. I am determined to use up as much of it as I possibly can so watch this space for the next instalment of colourful hookiness.


Snowed in.

Idrija Lace

Ok, so we’ve had some rather severe weather here this week and I’ve barely been more than a few hundred yards away from the house since Monday afternoon. We woke up to about 4 inches of snow on Tuesday morning. By Wednesday morning we had 10 inches and then by Thursday morning we 14-15 inches of the stuff.  Going anywhere by car was not an option and there was no service on the trains from the nearest station 1.5 miles away. Fortunately  we had ordered a food shop that came first thing Tuesday so that wasn’t an issue and after checking our elderly neighbours had everything they needed the only thing left was to keep occupied till we can get out again.

I’m rambling now. The point is, I had started this piece of lace at a weekend course in Folkestone so out came my lace pillow and over the last 3 days working on it here and there I have finished it. I also managed to get all my teaching course coursework done and out of the way too.

I’m pretty pleased with how this piece came out, it only takes a few pairs of bobbins and the lace snakes around from start to finish attaching to already completed parts as you go along. It used rather more thread than I anticipated but thanks to some lovely lace friends coming to the rescue I was able to match the thread colour and get enough to complete the piece.

This morning I dug my car out of the mountain of snow it was under, but as we watched several cars struggling to get up the road I shall leave it till tomorrow before trying to get my car down the road so I can get to teach my class on Monday morning. Things are slowly getting back to normal and I am hoping to fully rejoin the real world in the next day or two.