Mini visitors? Mini Baking.

We have friends coming to visit this afternoon with their sons Fergus and Ben aged 4 and 2. The arrival of these mini visitors I felt was a good excuse for some mini baking. I have been thinking of making some lemon meringue cupcakes in miniature so this was a good opportunity for it.

The mixture to make 12 lemon meringue cakes was enough for 48 miniature versions. I took some to a stitching day I went to yesterday leaving the rest at home for our expected guests.

This morning I thought I would add some choice for our guests so made up a 2 egg chocolate sponge mixture which made 36 mini  chocolate cupcakes. A little piped ready made chocolate frosting and some hundreds and thousands (or sugar strands as they insist on calling them these days) and we have a rather large amount of cake to work through with our guests later on.

Here are some pics for you to drool over.

Mini Chocolate cupcakes

Mini Chocolate cupcakes

Mini Lemon meringue cupcakes

Mini Lemon meringue cupcakes


Happy Birthday Samantha

Just a quick post as I realised I haven’t posted since my New Year review. It’s our lovely niece Samantha’s birthday this week and this morning I set to making a special card for her. She’s a bit nervous of real dogs but loves her toy ones. Her birthday treat today is a trip to build a bear where she has told me she hopes to make herself another doggy toy. I have had the Kanban Special Moments set for some time and though this fluffy doggy would be perfect for her.

I still love these easel cards as they make a real show off card in a pretty simple way. Lots of pink, a few extra puffy hearts and a little bow for the dog and an organza bow later and I’m pretty pleased with how this card has turned out.

I hope that one special little girl likes it as much as I do.

Happy Birthday Samantha. Have a wonderful day!

Samantha's 7th Birthday card

Review of 2010

2010 in a nutshell.

I thought I would use today to have a look back over the last year and think about what I have in store for this one. I thought the best way to go about this would be to have a look back at the last 12 months worth of photos, to see what I recorded throughout the year. I have covered quite a lot but I have noticed some gaps. Since Tim took up Photography, when we go out and about I have found myself leaving the picture-taking to him and looking at his pictures afterwards. His pictures have been fab and you can have a look here. I think in 2011 I shall make sure I take my own pictures whenever we go out and about so I have my own record of events to look back on.

I did still take quite a few and have put some of them together to show a few of the events and achievements over the last year. To see these pictures in more detail have a look here. I was quite pleased with some of my shots from our visits to Rye and to the Borough Markets.

The big event for the year was my Mother and Father in law’s Golden Wedding Anniversary. So my first picture had to be the family pic that Tim took of us all this time last year. In May we had a family holiday all together, taking Pam and Ron to the Isle of Wight for the week where they had their honeymoon 50 years before. We had a lovely week with the weather being mostly kind. Tim, William and myself even managed a day’s bike ride which was lovely and where Tim met his furry friend who just came and joined us as we were resting on the grass. A couple of weeks later we gathered with other family and friends to celebrate with them at home. I made the cake for them which you can see in the pictures and was not unhappy with my icing attempts.

I had a lovely weekend away with the girls in April to Eastbourne and Tim, myself and William had a couple of camping trips too which were lovely and restful. We had a camp fire on one trip and we all enjoyed relaxing in the countryside and I worked on my blanket that I have blogged over the course of the summer. William and I also had our annual trip to the Cambridge Folk Festival with Grandpa.

I have managed some making and baking this year as you can see. My lovely ripply blanket of course was my largest achievement sizewise but my lace has given me my proudest moment. I finished the piece in March and many of my lacemaking friends persuaded me (firmly) to enter it into the Triennial Lace Guild Exhibition. I bowed to the pressure and sent it off. I was thrilled and surprised in June to receive a letter from the guild saying I had been awarded a Medal for Excellence for my work. I also finished a couple of other pieces of lace and a crocheted bag using some of the yarn I had left after making my blanket.

We have also managed some TLC for the house this year. In January we treated ourselves to new lounge furniture so gave the room a clear out, scrub up and a new coat of paint. Then in the summer while William was away at Scout camp I spent the week giving our bedroom a spruce up stripping it down to the bare walls and making a restful sanctuary for us to enjoy. This was long overdue as we last decorated this room when we bought the house 15 years ago.

This year was also the year when my little boy definitely became not so little by growing taller than me. It was always on the cards but I had hope it wouldn’t be quite so early as him turning 12 when it happened. He takes great delight in looking down on his poor old ma. (Bless him).

Late September saw the opportunity to visit Stonehenge with my mother’s coven. Tim can honestly say that his Mother in law is a witch. It was a wonderful experience to be able to go right into the stone circle and enjoy the stones with a small group of people. The coven performed their annual Mabon ritual ( Autumn Equinox) and it was a fascinating experience and lovely to be a part of. Hopefully they will let us come again.

At the beginning of December winter hit with a vengeance and landed us with the heaviest snowfall I have seen in 24 years. As we were going nowhere I used the opportunity to finish a piece of lace that I started on a weekend course in Idrija lace that I attended in Folkestone in November.

This year I have also started on my second teaching course to complete my qualifications for teaching Adults.

We have a lot to celebrate in 2011 William becomes a teenager on the 3rd of January then toward the end of January it will be 20 years since Tim and I first met. Then in April, Tim and myself will both turn 40. I hope to successfully complete the first year of my teaching Diploma and with any luck manage to still get some crafting time in to share on my humble blog.

I hope that you have enjoyed my offerings for this year and I wish you a very Happy New Year for 2011.