Milanese Lace Pendant workshop

I’ve had a wonderfully relaxing and productive day today at my local lacemaking group today, attending a workshop with Jenny Macpherson to work a lovely Milanese lace pendant design. I really enjoyed my day and even though I needed to tweak mine slightly as my thread was a little thicker than ideal, I am thrilled with my finished piece of lace.

When I got home after the class I decided I wanted to make the edging a little more firm to make the piece stand up better to being worn, particularly as I am prone to fiddling with a necklace if I am wearing one. To resolve this, I tacked my lace to a needlelace pad of calico and architect’s linen and with some #26 silver covered cake wire buttonholed a cordonette to my lace complete with a loop to attach to a chain or cord.

Here are some pictures of my finished piece, the second is a close up of the bottom section with the beads added during the making of the piece and the final picture shows the piece with a ten pence piece to give an idea of the size of the lace.


Close up

Coin for scale