This is the first of a number of catch up posts from the last few months. You’ll probably be bored rigid by the end of them if you stick with me that long. On the plus side I’m sure it will be a good cure for insomnia.

Going back to the beginning of April for this one and the time that I hit the big four zero. Did I go out and get drunk? No. Did I throw a huge party? No. What about go out and buy a mid life crisis car? No. What did I do? I bought a food mixer. I say I, in fact I paid for some of it but numerous people kindly chipped into it for my birthday present.

This is not just any food mixer though, I should think not, considering what it cost. This has been the object of my baking desires for a number of years now, it has been paraded before my eyes in it’s many colours on more cooking shows than I care to count, taunting me every time with it’s stylish retro looks and fabulous baking performance. This, my friends is none other than a Kichenaid food mixer. And I am so very happy it is finally mine.

The hardest decision was which colour to choose, they come in so very many gorgeous colour-ways. Common sense however, prevailed and I finally plumped for the classic Almond Cream variety. It fits in with my kitchen and the classic colour-way means that if our kitchen changes it will still fit in.

So how to celebrate and welcome my new arrival? Well I had to bake of course. I love my new toy and indeed spent the whole day on my birthday in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Here she is then. My new baby and the first lot of cakes. I was such a happy birthday girl.

My Birthday Toy



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 21:02:25

    Claire, your cupcakes look so tasty, they are making my mouth water, you are a very very talented lady,

    well done,

    Sue x


  2. Maxine D
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 23:39:51

    Hmmm – great looking machine, but i was never as keen a baker as to spend all day in the kitchen – the results are impressive, I must say 🙂


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