More Wedding Makes

Over the course of a week in August I also made a couple of other bits for my sister’s wedding. The reception was held at the boat house in Teddington which underwent a staggering makeover for the big day. Everything was beautiful, particularly the bride and her attendants.

My contribution to the day was to create a seating plan guide and corresponding table flags in addition to a posting box for the guests to deposit their cards for the happy couple in.

Knowing the feel that my sister was looking for I suggested a traditional red letter box might be an idea. Fabulous idea I thought, until I started thinking about how on earth I was going to actually make this. It was a challenge, but I got there and here is how.

Creating the top I lined my stir fry pan with cling film and lined it with probably 8 – 10 layers of paper maché, strips of paper layered on with a mix of PVA glue and water.

Making the domed top - 1

Domed top - 2

The base of the box and the base of the domed lid were made from a pre bought paper maché hatbox. The dome was glued and pegged in place then additional card band added around the inside and outside of the bottom edge.

Attaching dome to lid

Attaching dome to lid

The main part of the hatbox was painted in black gloss paint to create the base and the body of the box was created with strips of card joined together and painted. The hole was then cut for posting and the domed top was glued to the top of the box. The base was not glued on so that the post box could be lifted out to retrieve the post.

Shell form

Coming together

The final step was to paint the box and add a posting times notice to the front. It was a serious challenge and took up most of the kitchen for most of the week, however, it was well worth all that effort.


And finally, in situ on the big day.

The Big Day


The table plan and flags was a much simpler task, matting and layering the table details and adding some paper bunting.

Table Plan

Table flags


And finally a picture of me and my boys on the day and another with my lovely baby sister Liza.

Me and my boys



Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Yet again I’ve neglected my blog and yet again I have a few things to catch up with. This one goes back to towards the end of June. My youngest sister got married at the end of August, but for the purposes of this post that should be a couple of months away yet.

In something of a first for me though, I designed and completed a piece of lace well in advance of the event it was required for. Anyone who knows me well will know that this is nothing short of miraculous. I usually get things done in time for deadlines but it is usually very very much by the skin of my teeth.

I am pleased with this piece of lace and judging by the reaction of said sister, she was pretty thrilled with it too. The lace is 4 inches wide and 30 inches long, worked in Finca 50 thread in blue and ivory with accent thread of fine Finca silver. It also has tiny silver lined clear seed beads worked into the lace to add a delicate sparkle. The lace took approx 60 pairs of bobbins and at a  rate of about 1 hour for every 2 square inches or thereabouts it probably was a good 60 hours work. That’s one valuable piece of lace.

It was finished with a silver covered elastic and thankfully stayed up for as long as it needed to which is always a relief.

And now. The obligatory pictures.

Close to Finishing

Close up

FInished lace before gathering