Zentangling – Blog catch up 5

I discovered Zentangle® in February at a craft show I visited with friends. I watched the lady demonstrating and thought it might be a good thing to try while I was still studying. Something that wasn’t a huge project, I could pick it up and do a bit whenever the mood took me. The lady was selling a kit but I was sure I wouldn’t need that and a bit of searching on the internet found rather a lot of source material. To see what’s out there do a quick google images search. There are tons out there.

The name of Zentangle® and Zentangling was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and they have developed quite a following for their own brand of structured doodling. The repetitive nature of it is very relaxing hence the Zen in the name. I found a few pattern sources on the internet dug out a notepad and pen and gave it a go. Here is my first attempt.

1st Attempt

As is my nature with such things, I was of course immediately hooked and treated myself to a couple of books, a new sketchbook and some pens. (Any excuse really). I also completed this piece entitled Dream.


I love the printed look of this and wanted a design for the first in my fresh new book. Anyone who has received a card or gift made by me will have seen my monogram on it. Having enjoyed the lettering in this piece I decided the first piece to christen my new book should be based around that monogram.


The next piece was this ZEN. Can you tell I am a little bit addicted now?


After this I thought perhaps I could use the technique in my card making and did the following two cards. The first was Sky blue hearts of which I used the larger one on a Valentine’s card order. The second was using a rubber stamped image and coloured highlights with tangle patterns filling the background areas of the design.

Sky blue hearts

For these hearts I used Sakura Gelly roll pens. These give a lovely raised finish giving a slightly embossed look to the work.

Sky blue heart Valentine card

Mother’s Day Purple Tangle

After the cards I got thinking about other things I could decorate and after purchasing a plain white china mug and a ceramic pen I came up with this.

T mug – front

T mug – side

T mug – back

T mug – handle

Then during a brief stop in Honiton on the way to our holiday in Cornwall I picked up this 6×6 canvas and completed another tangle project.

6×6 canvas

And finally and most recently a selection of 3×3 inch cards. Although I haven’t managed to part with any of them as yet.

3×3 cards

3×3 cards

3×3 cards

3×3 cards

Initial T 3×3 card

I am loving this new addition to my ever expanding hobbies list and am already thinking about how I might be able to replicate it in some way in my lace design. Now there’s a challenge for me!

Next up will be my first adventures in the craft of needle felting. See you again soon.


Crochet – Blog catch up 4

I had a hankering after finishing  my ripple blanket from the pattern by Lucy at Attic24 to make another. It’s a great project to work on when you are busy with other things as you can just pick it up and work a bit once you have started, without needing to work from a pattern. However, I don’t need anther blanket, and certainly couldn’t justify spending such a lot of money on that lovely cotton yarn again (expensive string as my husband calls it).

With friends expecting a baby shortly after Christmas I had the perfect excuse for some ripply hookiness. I wanted to make it bright and colourful and a trip to our local village shop rewarded me with this lovely bumper bag of rainbow yarn at a very reasonable price. (Yarn is Hayfield Bonus DK if you need to know). That orange is a little on the bright side I think.

Lots of rainbow yarn

The first set of stripes was finished in no time at all.

First set of stripes

I worked on it throughout the Christmas period, picking it up at every spare moment.

In progress

I still thank that orange is a little on the bright side. I completed the blanket in good time and ready for the arrival of baby Sam.


and folded

It satisfied my blanket making need and has found a very welcome home with the very gorgeous young man Sam as you can see below. And that orange. Turns out, orange is little Sam’s big brother’s favourite colour.

One special little blanket owner.

I’m so lucky that I can make things for special people.


My next update will be on a new hobby for me that I discovered back in February. Zentangling – a kind of structured doodling. See you then.


Cardmaking – Blog Catch up 3 (part 2)

More of the cards I have made since last October.


Kanban Gorilla Wobbler with Lili of the valley papers. Made for a friend but forgot to photograph it. He took a pic but looking at the Gorilla’s mucky chin not before his girls had played with it first  :o)

Time for Tea

Kanban elements easel card.

Vintage ship

Vintage feel Ship card for my Dad’s Birthday.

St George’s Day

St Georges Day card, Digi stamp from Dustin Pike coloured with Promarkers.


New Home

Little Claire’s stamped image coloured with Promarkers.

Stamped and Layered Cupcake

Woodware big stamp cupcake stamped and layered decoupage on patterned papers.

Summer cycle

Summer cycle Thank you card for Uni tutor from whole class.

George Clooney

George Clooney themed card – Apologies for picture quality on this one.

Fairy wishes

Fairy digistamp coloured with Promarkers.

Country Style Father’s Day

Father’s Day card on a Country and Western Theme.

Posh shoes

Girly shoes 40th Birthday card. Kanban card elements.


Kanban card elements engagement card. Greeting stamped onto Craftwork cards card candy.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty decoupage.

Robins Anniversary

Pair of robins anniversary card.

White Tigers Anniversary

White Tigers anniversary card, Craftwork cards papers.

Classic lady in black and white

Kanban elements yet again with Docrafts papermania backing papers.


I know that I made a few more cards than this but for some reason I don’t have pictures of them all. Most unlike me. My next post update will be a little crochet project I completed over the winter.

See you next time.










Cardmaking – Blog Catch up 3 (Part 1)

My cardmaking since last October is going to be a very image heavy post. Or rather 2 image heavy posts. I’ve made 34 cards since then so I shall just post the pictures with occasional notes rather than get too wordy with them. Hope you like browsing through my creations.

Fairy Book

Mum’s birthday card last year. Digi stamp coloured with Promarkers, simple co-ordinating matting and layering.

Spaceship Boy

Kanban elements for a little boy’s 4th birthday card.

Beach Huts and Bunting

Digistamp beach huts in pastel shades with stamped bunting and lettering.


Digistamp image coloured with Promarkers, rosette made using flower and circle punches. Kanban patterned cardstock.


Twilight themed card. Nope. I’ve no idea who he is.

Snow Leopards

Snow leopards Christmas card for Animal lover friend.

Yellow Snow

Digi stamp coloured with Promarkers.

Cake Tower

Docrafts Tulip range Cake decoupage.

New York New York

New York themed 50th Birthday card.

Olympic Cycling

Olympic Cycling themed card.

Little Girl

Little girl shopping easel card. Kanban card kit elements.

Blue tangled heart

Blue Zentangle heart, Anniversary card.

Little Birds

Rubber stamped birds coloured with Promarkers.We are Memory Keepers papers.

Stamped pastel flowers

Flowers rubber stamped on to patterned papers

Manchester City

Manchester City themed card.

Mother’s Day Floral

Craftwork Cards papers.

Mother’s Day Purple Tangle

Rubber stamped imaged coloured with Promarkers and Zentangled. Craftwork cards backing papers.


Workshop Decoupage.

Part 2 of this post coming soon.

















Beadwork – Blog catch up 2

I don’t usually do a great deal of beading, but I do really enjoy it. When I get going though I do get a bit hooked on a theme as you will see with one or two of the projects I am about to share in this post.

The first of these is this purple bracelet that I made for my mum’s birthday last summer. A friend who was at my corset day (which I have just discovered I didn’t blog – will have to share that with you) last July was showing a pretty bracelet she had made. Mum was very taken with it and was offered the pattern if she would like it. Mum suggested that my friend may as well give the pattern directly to me. A little presumptuous perhaps, but not one to pass up the opportunity for a bit of bead shopping off I went. Soon I had everything that I needed so I made a bracelet for mum for her birthday. She was pretty pleased with it too.

Purple Bracelet

Purple Bracelet

Last summer I also attended a one day workshop to complete a spiral rope beaded necklace. This is not a new technique to me but this design used a mix of beads that give a different effect to that which I had done before. I like the necklace that I made although it may yet find it’s way to someone else as I have made it slightly shorter than I would want to wear it. A shame really as I would like to be able to wear it as the colour will go with almost everything.

Spiral rope with square cut beads

Spiral rope close up

At the same workshop I picked up a kit to make a peyote stitch beaded covered pin to use on my lace pillow, made with tiny delica beads. I have been meaning to try the peyote stitch for some time now but hadn’t found quite the project to use until now. The beaded panel made up really quickly with the image of the swan signifying Swanley Lacemakers, the local group that I am a member of. When the panel is complete you effectively match the two edges together and ‘zip’ it up with the working thread. You can get an idea of the scale of the piece from the £1 coin in the next two pictures.

Peyote beaded panel with swan

Completed pin

This unassuming little project was enough to get me hooked on peyote stitch. The tiny even sized beads just come together perfectly to give a lovely neat, even and professional looking piece of beadwork. Having completed the pin and being hooked on the technique I started looking around for other items that I could bead. A search on the internet found some nice pens and keyrings. You can get them here and here. Me being me though, I wasn’t satisfied with the few available patterns I could find and set about working on my own designs. The cupcakes, purple triple moon, daisies and mauve and pink zig zags are my own designs.

Beaded keyring

Peyote pen and keyring

Beaded pen in progress


Beaded Pens

In October, a visit to a local lace fair saw me on the hunt for another peyote stitch project. I found this lovely black and white necklace kit, so treated myself to it. It took a while to complete but I am totally delighted with it. I wear this piece quite often. The kit was from Pandorion Beads although it doesn’t appear to be available on their website any more.

Peyote tubes beaded necklace

My most recent beading project, and indeed my current obsession is these crystal bracelets. Completed at a workshop organised by a couple of my lace class students, with one hosting and the other teaching. I tried to be a good student and really enjoyed making these deceptively simple bracelets using crystal bicone beads and seed beads. I am now hooked and having trawled the internet am now awaiting delivery of some crystal beads from Anita’s Beads in order to make some more. I would like to make some in Swarovski crystal beads, but may well have to save that for a special occasion as they are four times the price of the chinese crystals that these were made with. Here are some pictures of the two bracelets that I have made so far.

Crystal bracelets

Green and Pink crystal bracelet

Blue and clear crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelets

I hope you have enjoyed my blog catch up 2. My next post will be a round up of the cards I have made over the last year.




Blog catch up 1 – Lacemaking

Last November I enjoyed a welcome break from my studies to attend a lacemaking weekend in Folkestone. A last minute decision to change which type of lace to work on saw me trying a type of lace completely new to me. Well. Kind of.

The previous year I was learning Idrija lace (from Slovenia) as you can see in this previous post and my main lacemaking love for some years now has been Italian Milanese lace (see here). This time I decided to try my hand at the Spanish Hinojosa lace. Hinojosa is, to my mind at least the best of both worlds. Worked in only 10 or 11 pairs of bobbins makes it a relatively fast growing lace. It generally follows a single path in the design from start to finish, as does Idrija, but with the benefit of the added interest of working the different patterned braids as you would in Milanese lace. In fact many of the Hinojosa braids are similar to, or the same as the Milanese braids.

Over the course of the weekend I completed just over half of this spider pattern that was designed by Carolina de la Guardia (pattern can be found here) using a number of different braids.

Hinojosa spider, Lace weekend progress

Over the next few weeks I was able to complete the piece.

Hinojosa spider completed

Since then I have completed two other pieces of Hinojosa lace. Normally I prefer to work on lace of my own design but, being so busy with my teaching studies I have really enjoyed the fact that this type of lace is really easy to pick up and work at for short lengths of time and feel like you are making good progress on the piece.

Piece number two is an adaptation of Caroline de la Guardia’s Butterfly from her book “Witch Stitch”. I removed the head section of the butterfly and have worked this piece to be used as a modesty panel to go into the front of a top. The head would not have stood up to this usage of the lace.

Hinojosa modesty panel

The second, and larger piece proved to be a godsend as something to occupy me during what turned out to be an extremely wet week in Cornwall at the beginning of June. I’m not 100% satisfied with this piece and I can see several areas that need working on to improve the work, overall though I am fairly pleased with it. I have included a couple of in progress pictures of this one too.

Hinojosa 10 inch square start

In Progress 1

In progress 2

Hinojosa 10″ square, holiday progress

In progress 3

Hinojosa 10″ square completed

Now that my studies are complete I can turn my attentions back to work of my own design and to a Milanese piece that I completed the design for over a year ago now which I am hoping will be good enough to enter into next year’s Lace Guild competition.

Watch this space

I was reminded earlier that I haven’t blogged for quite some time and looking here I can see it has been 10 months since my last post. I can see I shall have to remedy that as soon as possible. Watch out for a flurry of posts once I have looked back over the last 10 months for projects to share.

I have had a busy time of it over the last year working towards my qualification to teach adults and working on a project in my job for BT connected to the successful delivery of the London 2012 Olympics. I have still found a little time for some crafty projects and I shall go back over my last years photos and find some projects to share over the next few days.

So as this post title says.”Watch this space”.

EDIT:- Hmmm. having looked back over my photos I now have 17 items to blog. This could take a while.