Beadwork – Blog catch up 2

I don’t usually do a great deal of beading, but I do really enjoy it. When I get going though I do get a bit hooked on a theme as you will see with one or two of the projects I am about to share in this post.

The first of these is this purple bracelet that I made for my mum’s birthday last summer. A friend who was at my corset day (which I have just discovered I didn’t blog – will have to share that with you) last July was showing a pretty bracelet she had made. Mum was very taken with it and was offered the pattern if she would like it. Mum suggested that my friend may as well give the pattern directly to me. A little presumptuous perhaps, but not one to pass up the opportunity for a bit of bead shopping off I went. Soon I had everything that I needed so I made a bracelet for mum for her birthday. She was pretty pleased with it too.

Purple Bracelet

Purple Bracelet

Last summer I also attended a one day workshop to complete a spiral rope beaded necklace. This is not a new technique to me but this design used a mix of beads that give a different effect to that which I had done before. I like the necklace that I made although it may yet find it’s way to someone else as I have made it slightly shorter than I would want to wear it. A shame really as I would like to be able to wear it as the colour will go with almost everything.

Spiral rope with square cut beads

Spiral rope close up

At the same workshop I picked up a kit to make a peyote stitch beaded covered pin to use on my lace pillow, made with tiny delica beads. I have been meaning to try the peyote stitch for some time now but hadn’t found quite the project to use until now. The beaded panel made up really quickly with the image of the swan signifying Swanley Lacemakers, the local group that I am a member of. When the panel is complete you effectively match the two edges together and ‘zip’ it up with the working thread. You can get an idea of the scale of the piece from the £1 coin in the next two pictures.

Peyote beaded panel with swan

Completed pin

This unassuming little project was enough to get me hooked on peyote stitch. The tiny even sized beads just come together perfectly to give a lovely neat, even and professional looking piece of beadwork. Having completed the pin and being hooked on the technique I started looking around for other items that I could bead. A search on the internet found some nice pens and keyrings. You can get them here and here. Me being me though, I wasn’t satisfied with the few available patterns I could find and set about working on my own designs. The cupcakes, purple triple moon, daisies and mauve and pink zig zags are my own designs.

Beaded keyring

Peyote pen and keyring

Beaded pen in progress


Beaded Pens

In October, a visit to a local lace fair saw me on the hunt for another peyote stitch project. I found this lovely black and white necklace kit, so treated myself to it. It took a while to complete but I am totally delighted with it. I wear this piece quite often. The kit was from Pandorion Beads although it doesn’t appear to be available on their website any more.

Peyote tubes beaded necklace

My most recent beading project, and indeed my current obsession is these crystal bracelets. Completed at a workshop organised by a couple of my lace class students, with one hosting and the other teaching. I tried to be a good student and really enjoyed making these deceptively simple bracelets using crystal bicone beads and seed beads. I am now hooked and having trawled the internet am now awaiting delivery of some crystal beads from Anita’s Beads in order to make some more. I would like to make some in Swarovski crystal beads, but may well have to save that for a special occasion as they are four times the price of the chinese crystals that these were made with. Here are some pictures of the two bracelets that I have made so far.

Crystal bracelets

Green and Pink crystal bracelet

Blue and clear crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelets

I hope you have enjoyed my blog catch up 2. My next post will be a round up of the cards I have made over the last year.





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maxine D
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 00:54:04

    WOW – no wonder you hare hooked on beading – all these projects look fabulous Claire.


  2. Sue Sharpe
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 18:57:47

    Hi there Stranger, How are you ?.

    I love your beadwork, the pen and keyrings are fantastic, well done for learning this beautiful craft,

    Hugs Sue


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