Hello. Yes. It’s been a while…

…in fact even longer than I thought it had been. Gosh doesn’t time fly?

To be honest the last couple of years have been something of a roller coaster. I won’t go into details as that is not fair for all involved, but the upshot is that I have embarked on a whole new life on my own this year.

It’s been scary, emotional, extremely hard but also quite exciting at times too. But. Onwards and upwards. A fresh new start and all that.

Now I am settled in my new home, I am looking at my creative interests and finding time to indulge in them a little more. So much to do and so little time.

Last week I had the honour of teaching at The Lace Guild’s Summer School. I had a mixed class of ten students all working on something different in either Milanese, Idrija, Bedfordshire, Torchon or Bucks Point laces. It was hard work and challenging at times but hugely rewarding to teach such a lovely and enthusiastic group of learners. I thoroughly enjoyed it after the initial fear at the start of the week.

I am looking forward to getting on and making some more bits and pieces to share with you here. Hopefully my next post won’t be another two years away.

My class.

My class