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I am something of a heavy facebook user, however as I teach it is not appropriate for me to ‘friend’ my students on there. I have been thinking of setting up a ‘page’ for a while now and have finally taken the plunge and done it. You can find my page at to see more real time glimpses of what I have been up to in my crafty and creative adventures.

Come and have a look if you are a facebooker, like my page if you like what you see and I hope you enjoy looking at my crafty shares.

I shall be back this week sometime with my next catch up post. Am getting there, slowly.

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This is the first of a number of catch up posts from the last few months. You’ll probably be bored rigid by the end of them if you stick with me that long. On the plus side I’m sure it will be a good cure for insomnia.

Going back to the beginning of April for this one and the time that I hit the big four zero. Did I go out and get drunk? No. Did I throw a huge party? No. What about go out and buy a mid life crisis car? No. What did I do? I bought a food mixer. I say I, in fact I paid for some of it but numerous people kindly chipped into it for my birthday present.

This is not just any food mixer though, I should think not, considering what it cost. This has been the object of my baking desires for a number of years now, it has been paraded before my eyes in it’s many colours on more cooking shows than I care to count, taunting me every time with it’s stylish retro looks and fabulous baking performance. This, my friends is none other than a Kichenaid food mixer. And I am so very happy it is finally mine.

The hardest decision was which colour to choose, they come in so very many gorgeous colour-ways. Common sense however, prevailed and I finally plumped for the classic Almond Cream variety. It fits in with my kitchen and the classic colour-way means that if our kitchen changes it will still fit in.

So how to celebrate and welcome my new arrival? Well I had to bake of course. I love my new toy and indeed spent the whole day on my birthday in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Here she is then. My new baby and the first lot of cakes. I was such a happy birthday girl.

My Birthday Toy


Snowed in.

Idrija Lace

Ok, so we’ve had some rather severe weather here this week and I’ve barely been more than a few hundred yards away from the house since Monday afternoon. We woke up to about 4 inches of snow on Tuesday morning. By Wednesday morning we had 10 inches and then by Thursday morning we 14-15 inches of the stuff.  Going anywhere by car was not an option and there was no service on the trains from the nearest station 1.5 miles away. Fortunately  we had ordered a food shop that came first thing Tuesday so that wasn’t an issue and after checking our elderly neighbours had everything they needed the only thing left was to keep occupied till we can get out again.

I’m rambling now. The point is, I had started this piece of lace at a weekend course in Folkestone so out came my lace pillow and over the last 3 days working on it here and there I have finished it. I also managed to get all my teaching course coursework done and out of the way too.

I’m pretty pleased with how this piece came out, it only takes a few pairs of bobbins and the lace snakes around from start to finish attaching to already completed parts as you go along. It used rather more thread than I anticipated but thanks to some lovely lace friends coming to the rescue I was able to match the thread colour and get enough to complete the piece.

This morning I dug my car out of the mountain of snow it was under, but as we watched several cars struggling to get up the road I shall leave it till tomorrow before trying to get my car down the road so I can get to teach my class on Monday morning. Things are slowly getting back to normal and I am hoping to fully rejoin the real world in the next day or two.

Out to lunch.


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Visiting friends for lunch? What do I take?

Well. Cupcakes of course!

Whipped up these yummy confections in no time at all. Look fantastic and very little artistic skill required. Drool over them while you can. Five minutes in a room with 5 hungry kids and they will be gone.

Hoorah! Got my tickets for the Cambridge Festival

Woo Hoo!! after an hour and a half of getting an engaged tone on the phone line and having no luck with online ordering I have managed to get tickets for this year’s Cambridge festival. Dad stood in the queue at the box office in Cambridge while I pounded the phone and keyboard.

I seem to have had a better experience than a lot of people though and Dad was thrilled when I phoned to say they no longer needed to wait in the line. At least that is done for another year.

Just got to wait for the tickets to drop through the letterbox now.

EDIT: 08/05/07
Some people really are the lowest of the low and are already selling pairs of tickets on ebay for £425 a pair. FFS, these people are incredible.

May Day dawn awakening

A beautiful clear start for the first of May

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What a beautiful start to the day for the 1st of May this year. As usual William and myself got up at stupid o’clock this morning (4.10am) to head to Bluebell Hill near Maidstone for the dawn awakening of the Jack in the Green.

Go to flickr photos for more pics.

” Jack in the Green, Jack in the Green. We’ll all dance in springtime with Jack in the Green.”

Happy May Day