Hello. Yes. It’s been a while…

…in fact even longer than I thought it had been. Gosh doesn’t time fly?

To be honest the last couple of years have been something of a roller coaster. I won’t go into details as that is not fair for all involved, but the upshot is that I have embarked on a whole new life on my own this year.

It’s been scary, emotional, extremely hard but also quite exciting at times too. But. Onwards and upwards. A fresh new start and all that.

Now I am settled in my new home, I am looking at my creative interests and finding time to indulge in them a little more. So much to do and so little time.

Last week I had the honour of teaching at The Lace Guild’s Summer School. I had a mixed class of ten students all working on something different in either Milanese, Idrija, Bedfordshire, Torchon or Bucks Point laces. It was hard work and challenging at times but hugely rewarding to teach such a lovely and enthusiastic group of learners. I thoroughly enjoyed it after the initial fear at the start of the week.

I am looking forward to getting on and making some more bits and pieces to share with you here. Hopefully my next post won’t be another two years away.

My class.

My class


Watch this space

I was reminded earlier that I haven’t blogged for quite some time and looking here I can see it has been 10 months since my last post. I can see I shall have to remedy that as soon as possible. Watch out for a flurry of posts once I have looked back over the last 10 months for projects to share.

I have had a busy time of it over the last year working towards my qualification to teach adults and working on a project in my job for BT connected to the successful delivery of the London 2012 Olympics. I have still found a little time for some crafty projects and I shall go back over my last years photos and find some projects to share over the next few days.

So as this post title says.”Watch this space”.

EDIT:- Hmmm. having looked back over my photos I now have 17 items to blog. This could take a while.

Cards update


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It was mentioned to me the other day that I haven’t put any cards up for ages. It’s not that I haven’t been making any, although my output has been greatly reduced by all the other things I have had going on lately.

I have just uploaded all the cards I have made since July. Not a great deal. But some.

This was a particular favourite. I have had several orders lately for Yoga themed cards and was running out of ideas when I got this order. It has turned out to be my favourite of them all.

Click the picture to se more of my recent cards.

60 stripes and Camping

Our little spot

I’ve been meaning to update my blanket progress all week and never quite got round to it. After a lovely weekend away,I thought I would combine the two for this post. It seems appropriate, as my crochet project was all about having something that I could take with me on camping trips and the blanket seemed the perfect idea as it would become a very bright and fun camp blanket to keep me warm if the nights got chilly. And of course, perfect for a spot of crafting with a cup of tea.

A cuppa and a crochet hook makes a happy camper

This weekend it came into it’s own. I have now¬†completed 60 of the 80 stripes I plan to do. Actually 61 as I did a little while we were away. We had a lovely weekend at a camp site in Northiam near Rye in East Sussex. Such a pretty part of the country. Our campsite backed onto the Kent and East Sussex Railway so our peace was broken only by birdsong and the steam trains gently chuffing by.

Trucks in the siding

Steam trains chuffing by the camp site

The part of the site we were staying in was a lovely wooded area, with little glades for each pitch. Lovely sheltered and semi private spots that really enhanced the peacefulness of the place.

On Saturday we went into Rye for a wander around. Tim is a keen photographer and Rye is full of interesting nooks and crannies. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed strolling through the cobbled lanes and looking at all the lovely little shops.

Conduit Hill - Rye

Nooks and Crannies

Retro Shop - Full of fab things

The Nights were very chilly and after struggling to sleep the first night with the cold, on the second night I made good use of my not quite finished blanket to keep me warm in my bed. The benefit of working this blanket is that finishing each colour after 2 stripes means there was no danger of any of the blanket coming unravelled in the night. I was very glad of my stripes I can tell you and my second night was a much warmer and cosy affair.

Snuggly ripply stripes

Sadly it looks like this was the last camping trip of the year as we have no free weekends till October and then the nights will be a bit too chilly for us pleasure campers. Next year however we are hoping to get away more often and my blanket with any luck will be a full 80 stripes of warmth if the nights get a bit too chilly then.

Yet more easel cards

Little Tweets easel card

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There’s nothing like running with a theme is there? I was so pleased with my first easel cards that I am now well and truly hooked. This card was made using the Hunkydory Little Tweets set that I purchased in yet another weak moment from Create and Craft. I have teamed it with some bits and pieces from my ever growing collection of Craftwork Cards bits and pieces.

I was so pleased with this one that I made another almost the same which you can find in my Flickr page by clicking on this image.

My next job is to make a Golden Wedding card for my in laws and am planning…you guessed it, another easel card. This time it will be 8 x 8. I have an idea brewing involving the lovely craftworkcards owls. Watch this space.

Mini Post it notebooks

Mini Post it notebooks

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I’ve had a very productive evening this evening making these cute little notebooks that I designed around the humble post it note block.

I picked up my little sticky noteblocks in Asda for ¬£1 for a pack of 12, combine with papers and bits from my cardmaking stash and I now have what I think is a very respectable set of books which would make lovely little last minutes gifts. And who doesn’t like a lovely notebook?

I made 6 in total this evening and gave two away to friends complete with the instructions on how to make them. I plan to make some more for a friends charity event to sell on her stall.

Click the picture to go to more notebook loveliness.


Welcome to my blog. This is where I shall show off some of my creations and perhaps the occasional random rambling.